What is What - Hire Hacker

Lots of clients ask us some common questions by emailing. We understand you have many questions and concern about our stability. We have answered in advance your some questions below. If you find something is missing , please do not hesitate to ask !


Hacker 1337 is most older hacker for hire team that is providing service for more than 10 years. We are team of certified and skilled programmers and hackers.

We are providing our ethical hacking service for more than 10 years. At that time we did not have competitors. Now there are many company offering their service and thinking us their major competitor. To destroy our reputation they may be posting bad articles,comments against us. But we are known for our quality services. So we do not waste our time to to manage those rubbish things from online. Even, Apple,Dell,Google has bad competitors, that is not mean they are bad company!

Yes, We require half upfront. It helps us to work properly!

No. We have lots of work for our paid clients. We need to make them happy. Only we can start a project for you, if you have hired us with our policy.

No. We are completely a different company. We depend on our rules. We can not work through a escrow. This is insulting us!

Yes! We will refund your every cents if we are not success

We always try to accept only anonymous! Common method is Bitcoin. Other payment also accepted are Skrill,Western Union and MoneyGram.