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Professional Facebook Hacker

This is one of the popular service wanted we recovered for our clients. More than 3000 Account recovered!

Getting Lost Password back

Everyday thousands peoples loss their password. We have recovered their account for lowest fee as possible!

Web/DB Hackers

The Second popular service we provide is Website Security. More than 2500 site we have fixed for our clients!


Who We Are

We are team of certified and skilled hackers. Before the 2010 we saw many peoples having problem with online security. We were programmers, that wrote computer code, playing with computer security and lastly we started thinking that how we can help peoples. From 2010 we started providing service without any public website. When we saw that there are many real peoples having real problem, so we can open our public legal business to help them. In 2011 we started public business and named HACKER 1337 .

In few years we got ourselves popular. And suddenly in the 2015 the hosting company suspended our hosting by saying that do not allow this kind of service website. So we waited for 6 months. Unfortunately in this time many fake company has been launched and scamming peoples. We thought this service won't be bad if we don't do anything illegal. So launched our business again so that peoples don't get scammed from fake hackers. Currently, We are actively in business for 7+ years and able to satisfy more than 6k clients. We are happy!

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Website Security Success
Database Security Success

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