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If you are looking to hire a hacker safely and securly, Hacker 1337 is the best place for you! Our main motive is to help all the things you need from a professional hacker team. 100% guarantee of success from our side!


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What We Do

Hacker 1337 offer most majore professional hacking services.
see belolw some of them!

Web Hacking

We offer Professional Website pentesting or hacking service. Do you want to hack a website? Hire a hacker

DB Hacking

We also offer Database pentesting service. You need to do something with a target database? Our professional hacker for hire!

Facebook Hacking

Facebook or Twitter password need to hacked? Why wait ? Hire a hacker today and get access to any social account

Email Hacking

Lost password for Gmail,Yahoo,Corporate or other email accounts. Hacker 1337 can recover it within 5 days!

Phone Hacking

Android or iPhone need to be hacked remotely. We can do it as fast as possible. You never need to install any kind app at all!


Someone posted something against you online? Let us fix it for you. We will do manage your reputation!

Hire a Professional Hacker

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Phone Hacker For Hire Features

Our phone hackers are more advanced than others.
Take full control of any phone remotely!


You can monitor icomming/outgoing calls. Easily Make new call, Delete calls logs or listen live calls!


Our phone hacker for hire can track live location instantly! No errors!

Easy CP

Control the phone from webbased control panel or directly control from your own phone!


Our phone hacker can take full control of the phone files. Download,Upload or Delete!


Completely undetected! We can Monitor the phone as long as you want!


Monitor whatever key is pressed by the victim.

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Common Questions and Answer!

  • Hacker 1337 is most older and experienced hacker for hire team that is providing service for more than 10 years. We are team of certified and skilled programmers and hackers.
  • We are providing our ethical hacking service for more than 10 years. At that time we did not have competitors. Now there are many company offering their service and thinking us their major competitor. To destroy our reputation they may be posting bad articles,comments against us. But we are known for our quality services. So we do not waste our time to to manage those rubbish things from online. Even, Apple,Dell,Google has bad competitors, that is not mean they are bad company!
  • Yes, We require half upfront. It helps us to work properly!
  • You may take interview but we are not going to do any practical hacking job for you to proof our skills!
  • No. We are completely a different company. We depend on our rules. We can not work through a escrow. This is insulting us!
  • Yes! We will refund your every cents if we are not success.
  • Hacker 1337 Currently accept only bitcoin. Because it is only method is anonymous!

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  • Let us know if you want to pay any bonus too!
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  • Let us know if you have any private info about the target!

These info are optional except the target address.

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